De bästa videospelen med simning

Having fun on our computers has become so easy these days. All we need to do is turn on our computers and voila! While some use their computers to search for the Lyllo Casino Bonus for fun, many take to playing video games. After all, playing games on a computer is always a good idea.

When it comes to video games, we are not directly overwhelmed with titles that include swimming in any form. It has simply not been cooler than playing with swimmers, and therefore it will probably take a while before we can see any major increase in the range. There is nothing to say that swimming would not be a good complement to games that revolve around, for example, hockey or football, but so far we have to make do with games that either have swimming as a part, or games that may not reach all the way forward.

After all, we have found some titles that we thought we would share, if you find any others, feel free to tell us about them, we are always on the lookout for more games to swim us through. So far, we have to make do with these four games that we have found both online and in the archives.

Geek Olympic lets you swim for the gold

This is a game site that is available online, and is open to anyone. Here you can find a lot of different games that include swimming, among other things you can swim in the Olympics to get a gold medal, both as a human and as a dolphin. You can also try swimming in the body of a penguin, or run a triathlon through a human. These are not the most advanced games, but the graphics are quite cute and you can spend a couple of hours playing through the different scenarios on offer.

Sharks vs swimmers

Återigen så är det här spelet kanske inte överväldigande när det kommer till grafik, men det är en rolig idé som ligger bakom så vi kan förlåta tillverkarna för bristande finess. I det här spelet gäller det att styra bort alla människor som befinner sig i vattnet när ett gäng hajar närmar sig. Du kan välja att antingen få upp människorna på torra land eller skicka iväg dem i helikopter – vilket kommer att ge dig en bunt extrapoäng.

Far Cry 3

Det här spelet trycker verkligen på att havet inte alltid är din vän. När du ger dig ut och simmar här så kan du råka ut för lite vad som helst, men en lugn simtur är det minst troliga. Du kan både bli biten av hajar och attackerad av pirayor, stöta på krokodiler eller fastna i gapet på någon varelse från havsbotten. Det gäller att simma snabbt för att komma undan i tid.

Häng med Mario i havets djup

Okay, so we know this should definitely not qualify as a ”swimming game”, but we like Super Mario so much that we let him hang on anyway. There’s a level called Jolly Roger Bay in the 64 game, and it lets you hang underwater throughout the level. You do not even have to fight against any nasty fungi, you just have to chill a little until you move on. You can walk along the seabed and see a few different fish swimming by. A very cozy trip down to sea life, quite simply.